History of IAWS


The report on IAWS in 1969 commences with some general information

  1. IAWS had 49 Fellows at the end of 1968.
  2. The following Fellows expressed by January an intention to attend the 1969 Paris Meeting to be held on June 5 and 6 :

During 1968 Fellows received a more explicit Constitution. The election issues had been discussed by the Board of Advisors and in a Plenary Meeting supported a strict observance of the rules.

IAWS had since its foundation been reasonably successful, very much due to the Secretary-General Edgar Mörath. It was a great loss for the Academy that Edgar suddenly died on February 20, 1969. President Kollmann asked Professor Kisser — for the present — to replace Mörath, having Dr. Achatz to handle correspondence and other Secretariat items.

The program of 1968 general meeting at Paris September 26 and 27 was planned by the Action Program Committee.
The initial program was as follows :

A Plenary Meeting would take place in Paris June 5 and 6. It was decided that a 1969 general meeting would be an International Wood Chemistry Symposium, arranged September 1st and 2nd in Seattle immediately after the International Botanical Congress, thus being Panamerical. It was felt that meetings in Europe did not attract many Americans whereas a Seattle meeting may be expected to have attendance of members from Europe, Australia and Japan.

The details of finances have generally been difficult to trace in the archive and are rather fragmentary. The 1969 budget in Austrian Schillings is given in Appendix 14. It is evident that the financial balance was uncertain. Late in 1968 it was suggested to appoint a Finance Committee but this idea never reached achievement. Instead it was proposed that only few Fellows should obtain WST Journal gratis.

Since the Inaugurating Ceremony in 1966 the following Members had been elected : Freudenberg, Jayme, Mark, Giordano, Kaufert, Knigge, Krzysik, Marrat, McCarthy, Normand, Sallenave, Sandermann, Schniewind, Steenberg, Tarkow, Timell, Villière, Wangaard, Zavarin and Zobel.

The second Plenary Meeting (Appendix15) took place in Paris June 5-6 at CTB and CTFT. The Meeting started with welcome addresses and a one minute silence in honour of the deceased Fellows W. Gillwald and in particular E. Mörath.

After this a fundamental discussion on the role and the objectives of the Academy took place followed by two formal seminars :

The following papers were presented by Fellows :

Both lectures were followed by animated discussions.
Fellows then resumed their discussion on the Action Program of the Academy,

The Fellows were met with superb hospitality. Reasonable time was reserved for looking at the equipment in CTV, CTFT and other institutes, dealing with wood and wood products. (Appendix18).
At the end of the Plenary Meeting President Dickinson offered particular thanks to the hosts J. Campredon, J. Collardet and Y. Marcon and the French Institutions involved, especially CTB and CTFT for their warm welcome,
From 1970 and onwards the years have been covered by annual reports. The IAWS' archive from about 1966 is reduced to the parts which have been used for editing this « historical » review.