History of IAWS

IAWS' ACTIVITIES IN 1966 (after june 2).

In a letter of thanks (July 18) to the Dutch Wood Academy, Professor Kollmann draws attention to the article introducing the IAWS in the News Bulletin of the International Association of Wood Anatomists. He also informed Dean J.L.McCarthy (USA) of this and reminded McCarthy of the need for financial support. This letter was copied to Professor Dickinsen.

The Secretary-General Professor E.Mörath, who was also appointed « Senior Member », had a considerable correspondence with IAWS' members in July 1966 (in English, French and German). A letter (July 25) from the English Forest Products Research Laboratory voiced the view that IUFRO would be able to handle what IAWS planned to do. In an answer it was explained that this view was a misunderstanding if the aims of IAWS. IUFRO is an organization of Forest Research Institutes, which may have had temporary working groups on wood science, but which later abandoned cellulose and much fundamental wood research.

A remarkable letter with a seven page supplement in small font was sent by Dr. J.D. Boyd of CSIRO (Australia) to Professor Kollmann on Aug.8). CSIRO is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. At a meeting in Paris he had been asked to make amendments to the Constitution with a view to removing ambiguities and other causes of misunderstanding. This was a result of his own reservations as well as those of meeting participants from England and North America, Dr. Boyd did his best to comply with this wish without altering the intentions in the original framing of the Constitution.(Appendix4)

The Constitution (2Ω pages) as sent out July 20 has been identified. However, since the Constitution was modified in the following years, the Boyd documents will only be described briefly here. His main points are as follows :

Boyd's views and suggestions on the Constitution (in a report to Fellows) were declared to be completely in agreement with those of Professors Frey-Wyssling and Stamm, whereas Professor Perkitny felt that the original Constitution would be sufficient. Professor Campredon felt that it would be useful to discuss Boyd's suggestions on the occasion of the next IAWS meeting. Professor Jacquiot felt it desirable to insert a clause which expressed the need to avoid any competition with existing international organizations. He also had some minor comments. Dr. A. Freas (deputy to Dr. Locke) supported Boyd's suggestions but proposed certain additions :

Professor Dickinson was in agreementt with Dr. Boyd that some changes should be made in the Constitution, the most important aspect being that the Academy is a non-profit organization, making financial contributions tax-free. The Constitution was to be discussed at the IAWS meeting Sept.,1967. In order to cope with this matter a small working committee was to be appointed to prepare a draft document which could be sent to the Board of Advisors for comment well before this meeting. Professor Kollmann would be the appropriate Chairman of such a Committee.

Professor Mörath (Secr. General) in his report, sent to the IAWS Members (Fellows), told them about Dickinsons proposal and requested those who wanted to participate in the Committee to submit further suggestions of amendments to the Constitution before the end of May, 1967.

In a letter (Aug. 31, 1966) to Professor Mörath, Vice President Dickinson stated that he (Dickinson) had to take the lead in developing financial support for IAWS in the USA. He also stated that he would need help from Fellows in the field of pulp and paper. (D. Thiesmayer, Canada, and someone from Scandinavia were to be invited.) He also stated that a membership form for sponsors to IAWS would be desirable. This would create the impression in the sponsor's mind that sponsorship was a continuing obligation, not just a single donation. In a letter, Professor Mörath praised Dickinson's work in organizing an « American Society of Friends and Sponsors of the IAWS », exploiting his high esteem in the relevant important industries, to which Dean McCarthy would contribute.

On September 19, 1966, Secretary-General Mörath sent copies of the Constitution (and the amendments suggested by Dr. Boyd) to the Members of IAWS, announcing a meeting in early September1967.

In a letter to Dean McCarthy (USA) Professor Kollmann informed him about an IAWS meeting in Vienna (or Salzburg) on September 1st, just prior to the IUFRO meeting in Munich. Dr. Mörath was contacted by Dr Narayanamurti (India) about a possible IAWS meeting in Bangalore. Due to clashes with other meetings the India meeting had to be arranged either in 1968 or 1970. Formation of an Indian Wood Academy was under consideration, though the wood scientists were widely distributed in distant parts of the country.

In a letter to Professor W.Liese (Nov. 7, 1966) Professor Kollmann stated that IAWS Members are personalities, who are to be nominated and elected to the Academy on their scientific merits and never because they were linked to a high scientific (e.g. administrative) post (except for the two members of the Advisory Board, who serve as part of the connection to FAO and to IUFRO).

Dr. J.P.Boyd (letter Nov. 17, 1966) pointed out the advantages of having an early announcement of the IAWS meeting prior to the Munich IUFRO Congress, particularly to discuss the Constitution. Moreover he stated that IAWS ought to plan at an early stage a general positive-action program to cover the next 5 yrs. (with allowance for flexibility) and including considerations of the Quarterly Review being established.

Professor Jacquiot (letter Dec. 5, 1966) agreed that the Constitution must be phrased to avoid competition with already existing international organizations. He also explained that the term « Fellows » is not understood in France. « Members titulaire » should be used (added?) in the French version.

In a letter to Professor J.Campredon (Dec. 15, 1966) Professor Mörath reported that he had already received 9 positive answers from Fellows intending to be present at the September meeting in 1967. He felt sure that 17 participants or more would be present.

In his last letter to Mörath in 1966 (Dec. 20) Vice-President Dickinson stated that he voted in favour of the election of Professor Steenberg (Sweden), but added that future elections should to be carried out according to rules. Dr Thiesmayer (Canada), had agreed to the Sponsor/Friends program. Dickinson would get printed forms from Thiesmayer and start a program in the USA. A postscript informed that Dr. E.G.Locke, Director of the US Forest Products Lab. (Madison, WI) had passed away.

The last (archive) letter of 1966 (Dec.12) came from Professor Kisser. An English summary included an international Action Program with two intentions: A professional part with a precise description of each project and an organizational part with a contemplated execution, e.g. of shrinking and swelling (physico-chemical), dealing with structural changes in the lignified cell wall.

The start could be a symposium resulting in a research team and the necessary distribution of labour. Two other projects would be the combination of wood and plastics and (with FAO) the protection of wood against termite attacks.

Finally, some economic figures (by Secretariat) for 1966 (in USD) :

Income   Expenses  
Societies, Germany 5000 Secr./Treasurer and  
Austria 1118 Secretaries 2090
Interest 62 Office establ. 1290
    Office costs 1560
Total 6180 Total 4940
Bank cash 1240    


Also a detailed USD draft budget for the future :

Total 23000   24620
Contributions :   Expenditures :  
Australia, New Z. 1500 Office (rent etc.) 936
Austria 1000 Travel 3120
Canada 5000 Office supplies 3120
France 2000 Tele 314
Germany 4000 Postage 630
Japan 1000 Publications incl.Quart.Rev. 3000
Sweden/Finland 1000 Conf./Meetings 3000
Switzerland 500 Awards 1000
USA 7000 Contingencies 2000
    Secr.General 1800
    Secretaries 5700