2016 IAWS Plenary Meeting, Celebrating 50 Years IAWS

In 2016 our Academy is celebrating its 50th anniversary. On this occasion we are planning a special "back to the roots" meeting which will be held in Paris 2-3 June 2016


Visit of EC Members to Vietnam Forestry University in Hanoi

From 12-15 May 2015, five EC members (Uwe Schmitt, Robert Evans, Yonn Soo Kim, Howard Rosen, Lennart Salmén) visited Vietnam Forestry University (VFU) in Hanoi


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Welcome to the International Academy of Wood Science,
the worldwide Academy encompassing scientists and institutions working on all aspects of wood science.



International Academy of Wood Science
  • Uwe SCHMITT,
  • Robert EVANS,
  • Howard ROSEN,
  • Yoon Soo KIM,
  • Lennart SALMÉN,
  • Roberta FARRELL,
    Bulletin Editor
  • Holger MILITZ
    Chair Academy Board



 !!!! First Announcement !!!!

2016 IAWS Plenary Meeting
Celebrating 50 Years IAWS
-Wood Science for the Future-

June 2 to 3, 2016, Paris/France